Letter: Brand Oak Bay as an arts and heritage district

Protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage

I support wholeheartedly the acquisition and permanent exhibition of public art in our community (Public shows its appetite for the arts, Oak Bay News editorial, June 10).  In fact, I want this to get a lot more serious.

For example,  where is the story and art of J. Fenwick Lansdowne (1937-2008), the great, local artist of international fame, told and shown in our community? He painted many of the bird species found on our seafront like no others.

Actually, Oak Bay should loudly and clearly declare and brand itself an arts and heritage district where our exceptional cultural and natural heritage are seriously and unquestionably protected, highlighted and enhanced; art, architecture, character homes, urban forest, rare plants, birds and all. It should be a priority. It would be good for our soul, heritage and economy, guaranteed.

Jacques Sirois,

Oak Bay