(Black Press Media file photo)

(Black Press Media file photo)

LETTER: BC Ferries enables non-essential travel

What was BC Ferries thinking adding sailings from the Lower Mainland to Victoria over Christmas. I posted the question asking if anyone is concerned about the added sailings to the Brentwood Bay Facebook page and in minutes people responded that they are incredulous that BC Ferries is facilitating non-essential travel to the Island.

And should you defend the action by saying the sailings are to accommodate cargo, just look at the Dec. 26 sailings where over half of the sailings have passenger car reservations sold out, and interesting there is total availability for both small trucks and semi-trailers.

You have definitely got a lot of people worked up and more importantly people are going to get sick and maybe die because you are enabling non-essential travel.

Absolutely shockingly irresponsible!

Allison Habkirk

Brentwood Bay