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LETTER: Ask ferry passengers if travel is essential

Would it not make sense to have checkers at the Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay ferry terminals to interview travellers and find out if their travel is essential, or what they regard as essential?

When people are in the ferry lineup, they are just waiting and the travelling would not be hampered by being interviewed. This way the authorities could learn if government instructions are being followed.

There would be a question, of course, what to do if someone’s travel is obviously not essential. My inclination would be that travel should be stopped, as it is clearly not allowed under current rules, but apart from this, it would be valuable to find out if more enforcement is warranted.

At the moment there are relatively few cases on the Island. Checking passengers on the way here would be a way of keeping it that way. If measures are instituted soon, they would work. If measures are delayed, they in all probability will not, and the opportunity will be gone.

Why not take steps now and limit the importation of cases to the Island.

Christian Janssen


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