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LETTER: Amalgamation would pave way for better transportation system

Thirteen municipalities do not appear to contribute to a cohesive, cooperative area-wide transportation system because progress is seemingly minimal.

As I live in Victoria, I will address this area’s bus problem. But before I begin I would like to say that I would rather see an increase in property taxes to fund a comprehensive bus system, rather than the totally inadequate bus network we have now. After all, we are meant to be greening the planet instead of primarily using our cars. We need a comprehensive plan, more routes, greater frequency and different bus sizes. We also need a low fare structure to make taking the bus more economically attractive than taking the car.

Back to the municipalities: All those 13 city halls, with staff to run them and buildings to house them, would probably more than pay for a comprehensive, world-class transportation system, in the first few years. After all the huge cities of London, New York, and multiple others worldwide, have only one mayor.

Nicola Ferdinando