Letter: Action needed to welcome family to Hampshire Road house

Home should be used to house Syrian refugee family

The municipally owned house at 1031 Hampshire Rd. continues to sit vacant, slowly deteriorating and bringing in no revenue.

Why is nothing being done by Oak Bay to support the efforts of a local community group, Friends of Hampshire House, to renovate the home so that it can be rented to a sponsored Syrian refugee family?

Volunteers, including tradesmen, are willing to donate their time and skills to the project and money has been raised for the necessary repairs.

Making the decision to make this house available to a Syrian family requires council to give overall direction to its property manager, who currently oversees other Oak Bay-owned rental properties, such as Tod House, to work with Friends of Hampshire House with regards to renovations and leasing arrangements.

It’s hoped that taking this step can be accomplished soon so that our community can welcome a family to Canada and turn an empty, neglected house into a liveable rental property.

Elizabeth Garrett

Oak Bay