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LETTER: A driving force to stop climate change


I read, with admiration, the article about the demonstration at the Legislature regarding global warming with David Suzuki at its helm – what a valiant fighter he is, even at his advanced age.

So many people, including our young people, are protesting that governments do something about the fossil fuel industry as the Earth’s temperatures continue to rise but could there be a possible partial solution that would be up to us, the general public?

Recently, I picked up on the TV news, a statement from a person representing one of the fossil fuel companies. The statement was that, “As long as our customers demand our product, we have to supply them …”

That statement hit home with me. The customers mentioned are all those of us who continue to drive cars and use fuel produced by the oil companies. With no demand, the producers go out of business except for big companies and manufacturers.

I have had to give up driving my car because of advanced age and disability – it is not an easy thing to give up. Are the rest of us prepared to make that choice to help save our planet?

Maybe a system of alternate days for us to drive would be a way to start, such as we do with our watering of gardens? I will be writing a letter to my MP suggesting such an idea, will you?

Val Boswell