Let’s get on with treatment

Re: Treatment is a waste (letters Nov. 21).

Re: Treatment is a waste (letters Nov. 21).

Mr. Wheaton’s letter is both hyperbolic and, to put it mildly, somewhat abusive.

I wonder if he can name any one of the “dozens” of scientists who agree with him?

It is true that six scientists from UVic, some time ago, came out with such a position, however the university was quick to distance itself from their opinions.

I wonder if Mr. Wheaton has taken the trouble to attend any of the many open, public CRD-sponsored meetings to debate the issue?

Did he attend the overflow public meeting attended by many hundreds of Victorians chaired by Alexandra Morton to discuss this among other topics? She is, after all, considered to be one of the premier authorities on all things to do with oceans and water.

The maligned CRD staff have studied the question of water effluent pollution exhaustively and have arrived at what they consider to be the best solution.

I applaud their efforts. Let us get on with it rather than delaying, to add to the cost, no doubt. Oceans are one, and sewage that we release in Victoria can wind up anywhere in the world. The effect of pollution is cumulative.

David Shillington

Oak Bay