Heartsick over demolition of Victoria’s iconic Blue Bridge

We have been smooth-talked into believing the rebuilding and replacement of the bridge is necessary.

Being heartsick over the imminent Blue Bridge demolition, your  article of Feb. 10  extolling the event only made things worse.

From the start we have been given half-truths and a good deal of misinformation  – and have been obliged to cough up our own taxpayer money to be smooth-talked into believing the rebuilding and replacement of the bridge is necessary.

Now we are given the happy news that students and teachers are eager to watch the bridge come down as if it is some sort of cultural event – when to my mind it is the desecration of a unique and valuable piece of Victoria’s history.

Our city will have lost one of its iconic images forever and to me that is something to be mourned – not celebrated.

City hall is good at glossing over too many pertinent facts and quick to extoll their virtues as a progressive, forward-thinking group

According to Statistics Canada, Victoria’s growth isn’t keeping up with the national average, which means we will inevitably be forced to raise taxes to pay for this ill-conceived exercise.

Thank you Coun. Shellie Gudgeon for your  forthright response of  “Crap!” when  questions regarding the financing of this project were glossed over.

That pretty much sums it up for me as well.

Alixe Wallis