Grateful for assistance following injury

Woman stopped to help runner after he tripped and fell during a training session

During a recent training run through Uplands I tripped on a curb and hit my face on the sidewalk.  My running buddy, Garth, was helping me when a car stopped beside us and the driver, a lady from Cadboro Bay called Susan, offered to drive me to the emergency room.

Susan was wonderful.  She rearranged her family within the car and made a space for me.  Kleenex and a cloth were produced to staunch the blood and we were off, although I admit to asking her to take me home rather than the hospital.  Meanwhile Garth ran home and later visited the hospital to check on me.

So, Susan and Garth, thank you for all that you did for me on that Saturday.  Yes, my wife and I visited the Jubilee’s emergency department and received wonderful attention.  Today I sport three stitches, two black eyes and one damaged rib.

Our community is in good hands with people like Susan and Garth.

John Woodall

Oak Bay