Government incentives not enough on HST

B.C. Liberals doing a poor job of promoting the HST

The Liberal government’s TV ads promoting the HST say that the people spoke and the government listened and are dropping the HST to 10 per cent.

This is a blatant lie, as the people did speak via petitions and said they did not want the tax. Now the Liberals, as a bribe, are offering cheques to families with children under 18 years of age and to seniors in a certain income bracket. I have no children under 18 and do not fall into that income bracket so I will be getting nothing.

The $125 they are offering is supposed to be what it costs us extra with the HST. The HST on my basic everyday expenses have already amounted to more than $125 and perhaps double that. If the HST is good for the people, the economy and industry, why do only two provinces have it? I have yet to hear the other provinces talking about it.

William Jesse

Oak Bay