Good intentions were misunderstood

Driver was thinking about jogger's safety

While turning left into Ottavio’s parking lot on Tuesday Aug. 23, I cut off a jogger running full tilt in the same direction on the Ottavio’s side of Monterey Avenue.

She was very, very upset even though I was roughly two car lengths ahead of her when I crossed her path. I saw her as I travelled south on Monterey – realizing we might have a conflict I was thinking I should stop and wait to turn left. That was, until I got past the hedge adjacent to the entry way that creates a blind corner and saw a delivery truck pulling out.

I thought, “that truck is going to cream the jogger.” So I pulled in and got in the way of the outbound truck.  The jogger freaked out at me and didn’t notice the truck.

As it turned out, the truck would probably have moved slowly, but at the time I didn’t know that for sure.

That is pretty much the whole story. I’m sorry to the jogger with the little dog.

Ed Lien

Oak Bay