Encouraged by response

All the letters of opposition to the deer cull helped to restore my faith in the majority of Oak Bay residents

Words cannot adequately convey how delighted I am that so many Oak Bay residents have taken the time to write letters to the Oak Bay News expressing their opposition to the deer cull.

All the letters of opposition in the Feb. 11 issue helped to restore my faith in the majority of Oak Bay residents after my extreme disappointment in November’s municipal election.  If Cairine Green had been elected mayor, Oak Bay would not be facing this situation, for she was very clear about her stand on the deer cull – in favour of the need for in-depth research regarding the issue, involving a humane study with an equal interest in both the deer’s and Oak Bay residents’ welfare, rather than Mayor Nils Jensen and council’s rash decision (to exterminate 25 deer, performed in secret, with the inhumane bolt gun.) It is so important to vote carefully.

I am constantly mystified and perplexed by those residents who claim that the deer should be culled on the basis of deer’s supposed aggressive and dangerous behaviour.  Other than biased accounts of supposed deer aggression towards humans and canines (all very suspect), is there any evidence that deer pose any risk?  Deer are herbivores, and do not attack other animals aggressively, except in the situation of protecting themselves or their young from aggressors. Deer do not seek out humans or other animals to kill, maim or devour.

It is the issue of deer eating one’s lovingly planted and tended flowers and vegetables that is, I suspect, the real reason why certain people want the cull.  In fact, there are countless innovative ways to protect one’s plants from deer without resorting to the unconscionable, drastic measure of killing these innocent creatures trying to feed themselves. As for those who worry about their own welfare in the case of a car accident because of hitting deer, slowing down and watching carefully is the answer.  Slowing down will also provide the invaluable benefit of keeping children and beloved pets and little wild creatures like squirrels and rabbits, safe and alive.

I often wonder how many other provincial capital cities are privileged enough to be graced with beautiful, gentle deer in their urban lives?  How anyone can view these lovely beings with antagonism is incomprehensible to me.  Please go to www.deersafevictoria.com for invaluable information.  And, all you deer and wildlife appreciators, please keep writing these letters. Thank you.

C. Paterson


Oak Bay