Electric fence may be a solution to the deer problem

I feel strongly that one nonlethal option that has not been thoroughly explore

It seems from the papers the anti-deer folks are divided between two categories — lethal cull or nonlethal measures including fencing.

I feel strongly that one nonlethal option that has not been thoroughly explored is the use of low amperage electric fences of perhaps one strand of wire.

A simple one-strand wire fence can be adjusted to a low enough amperage to be harmless to humans and animals but still have enough snap to be a deterrent to deer.

I have learned that currently there are no bylaws that prohibit electric fences in Oak Bay, but that such a bylaw is in our near future. I appreciate that there may be liability concerns that need to be investigated.  However, such a bylaw should specify the allowable number and length of wires plus levels of voltage and amperage.

David Narver

Oak Bay