Editorial: Safe community no reason to forget the basics

Don't let complacency make you an easy target for crime

While we enjoy a remarkably safe community in which to live, work and play, it’s important that we not become too complacent.

It’s a message Oak Bay Police Const. Rick Anthony passes along in his discussion coming up Wednesday at Monterey Recreation Centre: prevention is key to personal safety.

“We all too often tend to forget that personal safety is an issue,” Anthony says.

“A lot of people let common sense fade. We get this comfortable complacency about where we live and what we do. Oak Bay is not in a bubble.”

Precautions include reminding residents to be vigilant for scams, ranging from computer-based identity theft issues to the ever-present “grandparent scam,” in which someone pretends to be a relative in trouble to coax money from a senior.

But other reminders affect us all, regardless  of age.

Small safety measures that can make a big difference include simply remembering to lock not only your doors, but also your windows.

The same goes for your car, in addition to not leaving items that might appeal to crooks – items of value, certainly, but also seemingly inconsequential items, like change or phone chargers.

Parking and walking in well-lit areas at night remains good advice, Anthony suggests. Walking – a popular activity here in Oak Bay – can also be safer with a friend or a group, not to mention more enjoyable for those who feel at all unsafe.

And in this day of texting, messaging and emailing, get outside and meet your neighbours. Not only can you help keep and eye out for unwanted activity on their property, but chances are they’ll return the favour.