Democracy not a victim of cull

Letter writer who states the deer cull makes Oak Bay resemble a police state is off the mark

Letter writer C. Paterson writes about the partial deer cull: “It resembles, to me, a police state type of government.”  Huh?

The bubble that is Oak Bay on a par with Stalinist Russia? Apartheid era South Africa?  North Korea?  Seems a reality check is in order.

Whether or not you agree with Mayor Jensen about the cull, or anything else for that matter, he and council were elected in a democratically run election.

Jensen was clear from the outset on his position about the cull.

C. Paterson was free to choose his/her preferred candidates and vote.  Win, lose, that’s how it works.  Paterson is also free to voice an opinion – including and doubtless more effectively – by writing a letter to council or by asking to meet with the mayor.

Or maybe running in the next election him/herself.  But calling Oak Bay a police state?  I don’t think so.

Heather MacAndrew


Oak Bay