Deer problem: Leave the cute factor out

Two solutions to deer problem in Oak Bay, says reader

It appears there are only two solutions to the deer problem in Oak Bay. We should relocate them to their forested homes or kill them.

I offer an alternative solution: turn Windsor Park into a deer petting zoo.

First, build a two-metre fence around Windsor Park.

Follow this by rounding up the deer and herding them into the park.

Charge admission for dew-eyed families to pet and fondle the fawns.

In the evening, on wide screen, project the movie, Bambi.

To raise more funds have a concession stand. Sell popcorn, peanuts and pop. Don’t sell hamburgers or lamb burgers. Just sell venison burgers.

Have you noticed our stupid discrimination? Ungulates, hoofed animals, like beef, pigs and lambs do us no harm. However, we kill them and eat them.

The other ungulate, deer, destroy crops and our gardens, and they are left alone because they are cute.

Jack Lowther

Oak Bay