Deer management money could be better used

Provide services to homeless rather than fighting deer

I am shocked by the article that Oak Bay Council is considering spending up to $250,000 to get rid of the deer in Oak Bay. What an unbelievable waste of money.

The deer are not the problem. It is homeowners who are too anal about their gardens.

We are fortunate to live in such an amazing part of the world. Our gardens and forests will always be home to wildlife such as deer. Concerned homeowners need watch what others are doing – putting up new fangled things called fences.

Other clever homeowners are using fishing line strung between trees and shrubs as an almost invisible deterrent.

What is it about the deer? Do they rummage through our recycling bins looking for returnable bottles? Do they sleep in our parks? Do they ask for money along the avenue?

Oh, wait a moment – that’s the homeless, who could do so much more with $250,000 if council does the right thing and puts the money where it is better used.

Y.B. Douglas

Oak Bay