Deer experience in city unpleasant

Former Qualicum Beach couple find the going tougher in Oak Bay on the deer front

Since moving to Victoria two years ago, my husband and I have had many encounters with deer. We had deer where we lived in Qualicum Beach. Perhaps because they weren’t “trapped” in a city, they were not the problem that they are here.

The garden on the property we purchased in Oak Bay had recently been completely replanted with very expensive plants and trees. Some of the trees died from the ring barking caused by the deer. All the trees still living bear the scars from their antlers.

It goes without saying that they ravaged the plants and threatened us in our yard when we tried to chase them out.

Last summer we put up a fence. From time to time we have found evidence of their continued intrusions and even once found a young deer in the yard, prompting us to go around the perimeter finding their entrance and blocking it.

It has been extremely frustrating and expensive and most people probably cannot afford to put up a fence.

When we have been out for an early morning walk with our spaniel, there has been the odd deer that has gone after our dog.

Even when we crossed the road and walked on the other sidewalk, the deer have followed, staring all the time at the dog.

Our experience with deer has not been a happy one. They appear to be larger than the deer we were used to up Island and I wonder if they are native deer or introduced from venison farms. Some were three- or four-pointers, a size not often seen elsewhere on the Island.

We certainly hope something can be done.

Cheryl Rimmer

Bob Mewburn

Oak Bay