Contamination episode likely rare on Willows

Instance of sickness probably doesn't happen often at Willows Beach

Re: Willows no-dog bylaw reasons clear to resident (Letters, June 15)

I can appreciate how that early experience with beach contamination would be frightening and not easily forgotten. However, this is no doubt, and thank goodness, a rare event, in a world where shite (of all kinds) happens. Life is chock full of risks.

Granted, restricting access to the beach by dogs for a segment of time is bound to reduce the risk of dog poop contamination. But as long as there are any animals on or flying above the beach, remnants of fecal matter being left behind is always a possibility.

In an effort to reduce the risk, should we restrict them too?

At least dog owners, as a group, are super conscientious about picking up that poop. That’s more than I can say for mommy and daddy Canada geese.

S. Bose

Oak Bay