Community being carved up by greedy developers

Walking around Oak Bay one can’t help but be struck by the number of re-development and variance signs that are popping up.

One street alone, Uplands Road, has no less than three: all of which are subdivisions. Then there are the many other streets where council is allowing multiple homes to go where single homes once sat.

Enough is enough, Oak Bay council. You are sitting idly by and letting developers carve up this municipality and double the housing density.

It’s time to stick to the community plan and stop this madness.

Our current council must be replaced with people who care enough about where they live to stop this greedy development. This council does nothing but say “yes” to variance applications, while postponing other important issues such as secondary suites or revisiting the community plan.

Start doing what you are paid to do or step aside and let people who care about this community do your job for you.

Y.B. Douglas

Oak Bay