Canada’s policy not political

Stephen Harper clearly has the brains to know that terrorists have no interest in mediation/negotiation

Re: Culture of fear prevails (Letters Dec. 19)

First, I fear that Eric Jones is as misguided as the “brainless” Neville Chamberlain who thought he could mediate with Adolf Hitler.

Stephen Harper, on the other hand, and as Mr. Jones begrudgingly admits, clearly has the brains to know that terrorists have no interest in mediation/negotiation: the public record clearly shows that ever since Arafat, every attempt Israel has made to negotiate with the Palestinians has been rebuffed by their leaders.

Second, I think Mr. Jones’ concern about Canada taking sides and not mediating in this situation is equally misguided. We took sides in Serbia/Croatia, Libya and currently Afghanistan, as did the Brits and the U.S.

So, if I follow his logic, that also means our foreign policy “is now merely a copy” of the U.K.’s as well, rather than just another example of what has long been called the Atlantic Alliance to protect freedom and democracy.

Finally, I think it is worth noting that ever since President Obama took office he has been all over the map when it comes to Israel.

Stephen Harper, on the other hand, has been absolutely unwavering and steadfast in his support of Israel. And if that isn’t a made in Canada foreign policy, I don’t know what is.

So, too bad that Mr. Jones doesn’t like it. I, on the other hand admire Stephen Harper’s courage and policy, even though I just voted Green in the byelection, and Liberal in the last three general elections.

Bill Ellis

Oak Bay