Attach dog owners to leash

Reader impressed by European response to stray animals

During a recent trip to Europe I was impressed by the significant numbers of stray, dispossessed mongrels in Spain and Portugal which roamed the streets and public areas and were free to scrounge for scraps of food from master’s tables, and lick the hands and feet of the unwashed beggars, and defecate whenever and wherever.

Upon returning home I began to take notice of people walking in the vicinity of dogs with what appeared to be a leash of some kind curled and held in their right or left hand. Of course, I wondered if the leash should be attached to the dog which was usually out of “leash range” of the human being.

These observations occur at all times of the day and night along the sidewalks and lanes in the vicinity of Monterey Avenue.

The observed dogs can be described as mostly cross breeds ranging in size and temperament from a vicious bulldog to a yappie Yorkie.

In the cities of Spain and Portugal I did not see squirrels, raccoons and immature wild deer in the streets frequented by wild dogs.

Maybe our political leaders in Oak Bay can learn a thing or two from these slowly evolving European societies and enforce the laws and regulations which require dog owners to be attached by leash to their animals while in public space.

This action would no doubt be welcomed by those who love to observe young deer and young children using our streets, parks and sidewalks.

Lloyd Rowsell


Oak Bay