All too human

Never condemn yourself for being human but never excuse yourself for being human

As I made my way through one of our local supermarkets, ready for the task ahead, my all-important shopping list slipped out of my hand and landed on the floor.

But before I could retrieve it a man next to me – a rugged looking individual, with a full beard and a wide-rimmed, weather-beaten hat – picked it up and handed it to me. Just slightly embarrassed I said: “Thank you, but I should have picked it up myself.”

When he said in a mild tone of voice: “Never condemn yourself for being human” but then added, looking me strait in the eye, as his face took on an ominous frown “but never excuse yourself for being human.”

“Yes” was the only intelligent reply I could think of, as he left me standing there  wondering about the words of wisdom I just heard.

Little did I realize the striking parallel that exemplified the wisdom of that statement just a few days later when I listened to the comment of General Tom Lawson addressing sexual harassment in the military: “Men are biological wired differently.” How novel is that. But don’t excuse yourself for being human.

William Rauschning

Oak Bay