A question of priorities

In the event of a tsunami, mayor’s priority would be whether or not deer can swim

Your recent article about earthquakes and tsunamis prompted me to open the tsunami page on the Oak Bay CRD website.

OK, so now (depending on the page) I’m expecting a wave of 13 to 30 feet and I should share this information with my neighbours.

If I lived in Washington or Oregon, signs would be peppered about the lowlands announcing “Entering Tsunami Hazard Zone,” “Leaving Tsunami Hazard Zone,” and “Tsunami Evacuation Route.” Schools would practise drills. We’d know the warning system signals and could even earn a “Tsunami Ready Community” certificate.

However, this is Oak Bay, so the mayor’s priority question would not pertain to one of emergency measures planning, but whether or not deer can swim.

Rhondda Tolen


Oak Bay