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Heavy Metal Marine

(VIDEO) Salla Rose rises from Oak Bay harbour

Sunk vessel removed from waters, mayor reiterates need for integrated effort to combat derelict and abandoned vessels

The Salla Rose emerged from Oak Bay waters this morning, less than a week after the 45-foot sail boat sank while moored in Oak Bay harbour.

“Our Coast Guard is removing a boat that recently went to the bottom with lots of fuel on it. It’s been boomed for quite a few days to capture the fuels on it,” said Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, on the scene that morning. “Unfortunately they don’t get everything, I think they got most of it.”

The district was told 100 litres of diesel were absorbed by booms set out by Coast Guard Environmental and C-Tow Marine after the vessel sank Feb 6.

“It illustrates the danger of the abandoned and derelict boats that we have not only in this harbour but in Cadboro Bay and for that matter throughout our coastlines in the Capital Regional District. It also illustrates  the need for a concerted effort,” Jensen said. “It is a danger when they go down, not only from an environmental point of view but from a navigation point of view. … This is something we have to deal with.”


The boat was one of many vessels moored adjacent to Oak Bay Marina.

“The Coast Guard did a fantastic job in recovering this vessel and while we are delighted with their quick response, it is a shame that a fuel spill is required for them to be able to respond,” said a spokesperson for the marina. “This is not the first vessel that has sank in the bay adjacent to Oak Bay Marina (over which we have no control) and this certainly highlights the jurisdictional quagmire that exists across the B.C. coast.”


In November, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $1.5 billion national Oceans Protection Plan that includes new legislation to increase liability for abandoned vessels and wrecks. Collecting and sharing information on marine tanker and vessel traffic.