Vacationers return to thefts

Home break-ins see valuable items stolen

Four Oak Bay properties were broken into last week, prompting police to remind residents to take preventive measures while on vacation.

“A truly secure home is one in which all doors and windows are locked, including second-storey windows,” said Sgt. Ray Maxwell, adding residents should also cancel their newspaper delivery.

Residents of a Nottingham Road home returned Saturday to find someone had stolen two safes and 10 guns.

A day earlier, a break-in on Cotswold Road resulted in the theft of TVs, a safe and a car, which was later found by officers.

No breathalyzer brings penalties

A driver pulled over for running a stop sign on Foul Bay Road at McNeill Avenue was found to have open liquor inside the car.

The incident happened Friday at 2 a.m. It wound up with a 24-year-old Oak Bay man given a 90-day driving ban and a 30-day vehicle impound, as well as being arrested for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer.