UWSS requests funding support

Oak Bay urged to apply for provincial grants to help with deer management project

The Oak Bay-based Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society wants Oak Bay to apply for $10,000 and provide the matching funds to address certain programs within its proposed deer managment project, such as education and deer tagging. Additional funding would be requested for next year’s fiscal budget to address remaining aspects, including immuno-contraception, said Kristy Kilpatrick, UWSS vice president.

“We would have liked to see council move to applying for the provincial cost-share program so that we could begin some of the work we’ve outlined in our proposal – they are very concerned with the amount of staff time the deer issue has taken and the need for expertise – we offer both the time and the expertise, the only piece of the puzzle missing for us is funding,” Kilpatrick said after the meeting.

UWSS maintains the proposal – reviewed by an expert Science Advisory Group of UVic and Camosun scientists – can help answer questions Oak Bay residents have scientifically, rather than through a complaint-based process; can help define the number of deer and movement patterns; and can help with effective public education.