Uplands homes entered, robbed

Household smash and grabs uncommon in Oak Bay, deputy chief says

Two Uplands houses were broken into recently, with the culprits smashing windows to gain access.

It’s a move police don’t see often in Oak Bay, Deputy Chief Kent Thom said. Officers often see break-ins to sheds and parking garages, but houses aren’t frequent targets.

“We’re actively looking for suspicious people in the area,” Thom said. “We have (intelligence) meetings with police agencies in the (Capital Region) to identify people who are active. Usually when these types of crimes occur, it’s usually a group or individual (who has been) doing that type of crime.”

A house in the 3200-block of Ripon Road in the Uplands was broken into and two flat-screen TVs were taken, along with some liquor. The theft was discovered July 4.

Another break-in was stumbled upon July 6, one street away in the 3200-block of Midland Road. Three laptops were taken and jewelry had been rummaged through.

Forensic investigators from Saanich Police Department are investigating both; Thom said a footprint, fingerprint or DNA left behind could be the clue needed to make an arrest. As yet, however, police haven’t identified suspects.