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UPDATE: Vancouver Island firefighters attending a Comox Valley trailer fire

In the late morning of Dec. 31, a trailer home at the end of Courtenay’s Leash Road burst into flames.

Shortly after 11 a.m., George Siegler, Deputy Chief of Operations for the Courtenay Fire Department, investigated the origin of a large column of dark smoke billowing in the sky.

“I arrived on the scene and the fire turned out to be a 26-foot RV trailer with exposure. (By the time I got there) it caught another 26-foot fifth-wheel trailer on fire… It was a double-structure fire.”

Despite having “knocked off” the fire within 20 minutes, Siegler mentioned that this particular incident posed several challenges.

“These trailers were being used for storage and there was everything and anything in there. There was a gamut of 20-pound propane cylinders that were venting off and hissing when we got there.”

“There was a large selection of tires… that made extinguishment a little bit challenging.”

Fortunately, Siegler confirmed that no one was injured during the blaze which required the help of 19 firefighters.