Trees at heart of Mountjoy proposal

Councillors recommend approval of new home on Mountjoy Avenue

Committee recommended council approve a new home at 754 Mountjoy Ave. – part of a two-lot strata subdivision.

The proposed dwelling is consistent with siting and massing of the surrounding neighbourhood, staff said in a report to committee of the whole June 20.

Staff reviewed the proposed construction in context with the overall site design and surrounding neighbourhood. Given the design and siting of the proposed work, staff do not anticipate any significant issues, and support the proposed works.

A staff report outlined the district arborist view that a significant portion of the many Garry oaks on the property that would be impacted by  construction. A series of trees are proposed for removal, though some have health issues and some are within the building footprint.

“They seem to be coming down at an appalling rate in Oak Bay,” said Kate Glover, who opposed the tree removal during the committee meeting.

The report also said the impact to trees affected by the driveway will be minimized through construction of a floating permeable driveway.

With the requirement to replace those trees removed for residential development, they anticipate a net loss of four to five trees.

“The trees are a significant asset to the property,” said Mike Miller, of Abstract Development, proposing the build.

“We’re equally committed to keeping the trees on the property. Only one coming down is of any size and it’s coming down to service the lot.”