Townhall turnout confirms home mail delivery concerns

Oak Bay MP worries over end to home mail delivery

Concerns continue to grow in Oak Bay as the new Canada Post community mailboxes roll out in Vic West.

“They could roll into Oak Bay tomorrow… there’s no hard timeline. They think they have the right to do what they want when they want to do it,” said Victoria MP Murray Rankin.

He’s been following the issue since its announcement last year, and hosted a town hall meeting in Oak Bay earlier this month to hear resident concerns over the end to home mail delivery and its potential impacts.

About 80 people came out on a summer Monday evening, including the mayor and Victoria Coun. Marianne Alto, to share about her experience with the Vic West process.

“The punchline for me was that Mayor [Nils] Jensen announced that Canada Post has had no contact whatsoever with council or staff. That is utterly shocking. that with all the impact these community mailboxes are going to have in a built-up area like south Oak Bay … That they haven’t even whatsoever contacted the staff, planning department or any members of council.”

Rankin plans to write the CEO of Canada Post summarizing the meeting and posing a few questions.

“After one year, there is still no answer to who’s going to pay for all of this,” Rankin said, noting upgrades to sidewalks, lighting and other infrastructure would be required, particularly in well-established neighbourhoods.

“It would be a major expense and no one’s assured the City of Victoria who will pay.”

These were concerns shared by the public, he said. Other concerns ranged from colour and design of the boxes, to the worry over identity theft and mail theft.

He’s sent questions and information to Canada Post in the past, but feels those questions haven’t been answered, and the project only moves forward.

Rankin expects to send his latest letter voicing concern and seeking answers out this week.