Summer Sugar Soiree supports Tour de Rock

Glenlyon Norfolk School is hosting a sweet summer fundraiser for this year’s Tour de Rock campaign

  • Mon Aug 31st, 2015 5:00am
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Tour de Rock rider Diane Luszniak

Jennifer Blyth

Oak Bay News

Glenlyon Norfolk School is hosting a sweet summer fundraiser for this year’s Tour de Rock campaign.

Tour de Rock rider Diane Luszniak, a reserve officer with the Victoria Police Department and the biology co-op co-ordinator at the University of Victoria, is spearheading the soirée, beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12 in the GNS school library.

Luszniak’s assistant, Rachel Richmond, creates incredible cakes and she wanted to do something to support Luszniak’s Tour de Rock fundraising efforts. “I thought, that’s a fun kind of dessert idea, and it made me think of Christmas time when people get together and make cookies to exchange,” Luszniak says.

At the same time, she wanted to keep it simple, so people would enjoy the event as a fun social gathering, and the idea for the Summer Sugar Soirée was born.

Participants in the dessert/goodie exchange will simply bring 12 dessert or treat servings to share. In exchange, they’ll receive 12 “shopping coupons” allowing them to choose 12 other treats to take home and share. In addition, guests will enjoy refreshments and be eligible for a variety of door prizes, including an amazing creation from Rachel Cakes.

Luszniak was first touched by cancer as a child, when her grandfather fought the disease. To think about how he struggled, and to think of the impact on a child going through the same thing, pushes her in her efforts.

While Tour de Rock riders can only participate as a cyclist for one year, many stay involved in other ways, she notes.

“Training has been really awesome. One of the things I like about this experience is it’s not a one-year event for many people,” Luszniak says, noting this year’s team is being trained by a group of past riders.

“I’ve always gone out to go see the riders and support the VicPD, but I can see (my greater level of involvement) continuing,” she says.

Tickets for the Summer Sugar Soirée are $20. For more information, email or call 250-419-1179.