School safety program saved by new non-profit

School safety program saved by new non-profit

Crossing guard program back on track in Greater Victoria School District

Greater Victoria schools will continue to have crossing guards thanks to the creation of a new non-profit society that will take over leadership of the program that has been up in the air for months.

Beacon Community Services, who led the program for over a decade, announced in February that they no longer had the capacity to run it.

A new provider was announced last week in a letter sent to the municipality of Oak Bay by Beacon Community Services. The Greater Victoria Crossing Guard Association (GVCGA) has been created, and is waiting on registration to be finalized. Audrey Smith, chair of the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, will lead the association as president.

“The crossing guards are absolutely essential to the Active and Safe Routes to Schools program, so I am very pleased that the Greater Victoria Crossing Guards Association is being created to continue the service at École Willows school,” said Coun. Michelle Kirby. “The District of Oak Bay will continue to fund the program, and this new organization, lead by VCPAC Chair Audrey Smith, will staff the program.”

As of July 1, Beacon Community Services will pass the program on to GVCGA. School crossing guards will be in place for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

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