Police seek man after woman approached at UVic

Oak Bay Police hope to identify a man after an incident at the University of Victoria last weekend

Oak Bay Police hope to identify a man after an incident at the University of Victoria last weekend.

They’re investigating after being called to Ring Road on Sept. 20 after a young woman was approached by a man who followed her on foot attempting to make conversation. His actions were suspicious and the woman grew concerned for her safety.

The male then left and got into his van, police were told. The man returned and offered the woman a ride.

“She did exactly what she should have done, saying she wasn’t interested and calling someone right away,” said Kent Thom, deputy chief, Oak Bay Police.

The woman left the scene then called police.

Oak Bay and Saanich police searched the area thoroughly but were unable to locate the vehicle, described as a dark green, older model Chev Astro-type van.

The man was described as 30 to 34 years-old with short, curly dark hair, facial stubble, dark hoody with tan shirt and dark pants. While they’re uncertain of his motives, police hope to identify the man, and ask that anyone with information call Oak Bay Police 250-592-2424 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

“There are some things that look unusual in this situation,” Thom said.

“Because this is a one-off and there wasn’t anything super unusual about it, we don’t think there’s any cause for concern or public safety issues.”

UVic just finished marking Sexual Violence Awareness Week Sept. 14 to 18 on campus. It kicked off with an information fair, but the message is clear well beyond the end of the week with Taking Down Rape Culture with Laci Green on Sept. 30.

Campus Security has employed a personal safety co-ordinator since 1995, and currently employs two to address security concerns and develop personal safety programs.

The PSC, available at psc@uvic.ca or 250-721-8981, is responsible for addressing security concerns from the campus community as well as developing, implementing and promoting campus-wide personal safety programs.