Pathway discussion revisited

Shady Lane reference removed from Oak Bay council minutes

Mention of a less-than-sunny laneway disappeared from a summertime motion during the first fall sitting of Oak Bay council.

In response to a resident, concerned over the reference to pathway potential through her front yard, council opted to reword a motion that looked at the path options in that area.

The reference, the resident told council members, would both harm her ability to find buyers and affect the price should she choose to put her property on the market.

Coun. Eric Zhelka took the lead in making the changes with a series of motions to reconsider the July committee meeting minutes where the recommendations were made, amend the motion and again approve the minutes as amended.

They’ll forward consideration of a pathway connecting the community gardens to Beach Drive to the next strategic priority session to be considered for inclusion in Council’s 2016 Strategic Plan.

The subject came up this summer as council, sitting as committee, considered creating an official trail where a traditionally used path through private property existed on San Carlos Avenue.

Councillors were keen to consider concept of a pathway connecting the Bowker Creek walkway and the community gardens to Beach Drive.