Oak Bay skating rink reopens on Monday

General maintenance caused three-week shutdown that happens every two years

People looking to cool down with a summer skate will have to wait until Monday (July 2), when the arena at Oak Bay recreation centre reopens.

The arena has been closed since June 11 for general maintenance and upkeep. It’s a process the facility goes through every two years.

“What generally happens each time is the arena and warm room, these all get a fresh coat of paint, (and) floor tiles that maybe are sticking get re-glued,” said Caroline Lawrence, sports programmer at Oak Bay rec.

The three-week shutdown also allows arena staff to complete projects that otherwise would not get done during opening hours.

This year the arena’s skate shop had its skate cubbies replaced to fit the often bigger skates made today.

The arena is also striving to be more energy efficient by having a new compressor and motion sensor lights installed.

New global induction lights will be placed in the ice rink, and come September in the indoor sports field, as well, said Ken Olson, operations and energy supervisor.

“They give us way more light for less power,” Olson said.

Olson estimates the cost for the compressor and lights is $85,000. However, B.C. Hydro contributed more than $37,000 towards the project.

The gym at Henderson recreation centre has also been closed for maintenance since June 18.

Annual upkeep at the centre includes painting, repairing walls, improving storage and floor resurfacing.


The gym will reopen Tuesday (July 3).