Oak Bay councvil advisory positions open up

Citizens will make recommendations to Oak Bay council

The municipality’s new citizen advisory committees and working groups got their official stamp of approval Monday, as Oak Bay council confirmed appointments and mandates for each of the groups.

A total of five groups were formally established, including the Community Initiatives Committee, which already existed but had not yet had a formal mandate writtten.

The call has now gone out to members of the public who wish to be included in one of the groups.

Advisory committees on active transportation and the environment are each looking for between seven and 11 members with a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

Two new working groups were also established. One will focus on community engagement and is seeking up to five community representatives. The other, which will help plan the upcoming review of Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan, will have three residents on board.

The Community Initiatives Committee did not set a firm number for how many members of the public will be included.

Those interested in being a part of one of the groups are encouraged to visit municipal hall at 2187 Oak Bay Ave. to get a full breakdown of each one’s mandate and requirements for membership, and the process for application.

The information will also be available on the municipality’s website, www.oakbaybc.org.


Talking about the environment

• The new citizen’s committee on the environment will advise council on such issues as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle use, and improvement of energy efficiency. Other areas of focus will include investigating ways to better protect trees and native vegetation, and the creation of new greenways and trails.

• Members of the committee are expected to be varied in background and age. The hope is to attract four or five people with science backgrounds, one or two urban planners, engineers or foresters, two with community interest in the environment and one or two students or young people.