Oak Bay Council agenda at a glance

Oak Bay Council agenda at a glance

Oak Bay Police budget, tree removal, and council pay increase on tonight’s agenda

The open portion of tonight’s council meeting begins at 7 p.m. after an adjournment to in camera that begins at 6 p.m.

First topic of business once open, is adopting the minutes from previous meetings that occurred on Nov. 14 (Council and Special Council), and Nov. 20 (Committee of the Whole).

Next will be the Mayor remarks where the Chair will address topics of interest, as determined by the Mayor (or Acting Mayor). Mayor Jensen will also be presenting recognition for the Heritage Cairn – Trial Islands, Tlikwaynung at Trafalgar Park.

This will be followed by a public participation period, which is an opportunity for members of the public in attendance at the meeting to address Council regarding topics that directly impact the District of Oak Bay, as determined by the Chair. Public comments are not to exceed 3 minutes each.

Chief Constable Andy Brinton will then present the 2018 Oak Bay Police Department Provisional Budget. Oak Bay Police are looking to increase their budget by 0.30% from 2017 in order to cover an increase in operating costs.

Next, council will hear a request for reconsideration brought forward by a resident seeking a permit to remove a Leylandii Cypress tree from their property at 882 Island Road. Their original request for a tree removal permit was denied as trees of a certain type and size are protected under the Tree Protection Bylaw. The applicant’s tree is healthy and is not interfering with any utilities or structures. They were issued a permit to prune the canopy of the tree significantly by 30-40%. The applicant, who has lived at the residence for 26 years, says the tree is too big for the location and is shading too much of their property as well as their neighbours.

Oak Bay Heritage Commissions Minutes will follow.

New business is up next which gives the Chair and members of Council an opportunity to address new items not listed elsewhere on the agenda and to report back to Council on activities by other boards and committees.

Last on the agenda, Warren Jones, Director of Corporate Services, will present Bylaw No. 4699, Mayor and Councillors Annual Indemnity Bylaw, 2018 for first, second, and third reading. This bylaw seeks to increase the pay of Mayor and Councillors by 1.6% in accordance with Council policy.