No plans to close Cedar Hill golf course

Draft parks master plan makes mention of 'outright sale' of golf course

Saanich’s director of parks and recreation says there are no plans close the Cedar Hill golf course – though the draft parks and rec master plans makes mention of it as a possibility for the financial viability of the department.

“In many ways, the (parks and rec) department is experiencing ‘death by a 1000 cuts.’ Consideration should be given to retreating from one or two major items, as opposed to continuing to ‘nickel and dime’ the department,” the draft plan reads. “Consideration might be given to spinning off the golf course as a municipal corporation (or similar status) or outright sale.”

But Doug Henderson affirms that selling the course is not something his department is looking to do.

“That was simply the consultant’s comment,” he said, referring to the master plan written by someone from the firm Yates, Thorn and Associates. “All he said was ‘here’s an option.’ … The role of the consultant is to flag as many potential directions as possible.”

Residents should understand that the context of the consultant’s comment was in looking at strategic objectives to better operate the department, Henderson said.

This is just the draft master plan, he added. A finalized one will be presented to council later this year.