New hand at helm of Garagellennium

Cassie Kangas takes over from Graham Lamb for next year's community garage sale

Graham Lamb

Graham Lamb

Fresh blood will lead the 17th annual Garagellennium next June.

With this year’s community garage sale featuring nearly 150 households and organizations done and put to bed, longtime organizer Graham Lamb handed the reins to local realtor Cassie Kangas.

“My husband and I are huge garage sale fans and lifetime Oak Bay residents and it’s just a totally community thing,” Kangas said. “We didn’t’ want to see it go away.”

Between them they’ve never missed the event.

“We have to thank Graham for his years of service. There’s a thankless job,” Kangas said.

She’s keen though, with friends making early offers of help, and a couple of ideas brewing. It’s exactly what Lamb hoped for, “fresh blood”.

“It’s time for some fresh new ideas,” he said.

There are two things that attracted Kangas to Garagellennium. First are the people. Each year she and her husband run into old friends, or someone they just haven’t seen in a long time. Then there are the great finds – though she and her husband may not always agree on what’s a bargain. Her favourite finds so far hangs in her dining room – a beautiful $25 chandelier from last year. They also have a friend, a previous resident, who returns from Nicaragua each year for the event.

“For him it’s a great way to find things he can’t get easily there,” she said. “And he brings things back for the community.”

Lamb’s ‘fave find’ is the world’s smallest Bible.

“It was just the New Testament,” he said, making a one inch square with his fingers, “but it was tiny.”