Need2 gets Oak Bay funding

  • Mar. 4, 2011 7:00 a.m.

Even though they’re no longer manning general crisis line phones, a Victoria-based suicide prevention group received a $4,500 grant from Oak Bay.

Last year the Vancouver Island Health Authority transferred crisis line services to Nanaimo from Victoria, leaving Need, the volunteer group that manned it, out in the cold.

With 75 per cent of its funding also cut, the group took a look at what it could offer. It came up with a new name, Need2, and a new plan. It will continue running an online teen suicide line, offer suicide awareness presentations in middle and high schools, and teach youth workers, teachers and others how to watch for youth at risk of suicide.

This week executive director Jane Arnott came to Oak Bay council with a request for a $4,500 grant to offset the non-profit’s $201,920 annual budget.

With little discussion, council approved the request, which was $405 less than what Need received in 2010.

“They’re a good group that we’ve funded for years,” Coun. John Herbert said afterward. “They have a little bit of a different target this year because the crisis line went to Nanaimo, but I didn’t have any difficulty with (approving the grant.)”