The Heritage Productions Vintage Fashion show and tea is Tuesday

The Heritage Productions Vintage Fashion show and tea is Tuesday

Heritage sashays through Monterey tea party

Enjoy a 'walk down memory lane' alongside an anniversary celebration luncheon tea tomorrow

Enjoy a “walk down memory lane” alongside an anniversary celebration luncheon tea – complete with sandwiches, savouries and sweets at Monterey Recreation Centre. The afternoon tea features a Heritage Productions vintage fashion show featuring garments from from 1890 to 1960.

“We do one per week for 10 months of the year,” said co-ordinator Louise Osselton, of Heritage Productions. They perform primarily at care facilities, many twice a year.

“You’re looking at an age demographic where vintage clothing has some meaning. We love to hear comments from our audience, (such as) ‘Oh my mother had an outfit like that in blue.’ You really get people in involved,” Osselton said. “We have a piano player that comes with our entourage and you usually get people singing, it’s a real nice walk down memory lane.”

The show, of about 45 minutes and usually without a tea, includes an informative commentary.

“We research all of our outfits so we talk about what was happening in world affairs that influenced the fashion,” Osselton said, adding they try to appeal to men and women with the show.

“This one at Monterey is going to be slightly different,” Osselton said. “In this case Monterey is celebrating their 45th anniversary so they … put on a tea to their members. They’re selling tickets for a luncheon.”

Half the tickets are sold already for the non-profit Heritage Productions show and tea.


The Vintage Fashion show and tea is Tuesday, Nov. 15 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Garry Oak Room at Monterey Recreation Centre. Tickets are $16.50 or $10 for members available at the front desk 1442 Monterey Ave.

Heritage Productions is always looking for models that fit the clothes and the commitment.

“To do a show is about a two and a half hour commitment,” Osselton said.

Those interested can call Osselton at 250-381-4675 or visit for more information.