Esplanade landscaping resolved with carefully worded variance

Measure accommodates hard surfacing for front yard landscape design

Council, sitting as committee last week, revisited a variance application to allow additional hard surfacing for landscape design for a front yard on  Esplanade Avenue.

While not displeased with the permeable landscaping of rock and gravel, committee members were concerned about how allowing for 88.5 per cent hard surface could be perceived, and acted on, by future owners of the property.

They sought more information during a mid-November meeting on how to deal with the issue.

After a legal opinion, staff came up with the specifics of how to allow the development variance permit.

The plan now includes specifics on the amount and type of materials used in the front yard.

Council decided to offer the variance of 88.5 per cent of the front yard as a paved surface with the stipulation that the definition of paved surface is limited to drain rock, river stone, and aggregate driveway for any area of the front yard in excess of 25 per cent of the area as shown on the plans dated Dec. 8, 2015.

The plans would be attached to this development variance permit.

Decisions made at committee are recommendations to council.