Election 2014: Council candidate Sigurd Johannesen

District of Oak Bay: Sigurd Johannesen - council candidate

  • Nov. 3, 2014 5:00 a.m.
Sigurd Johannesen

Sigurd Johannesen

Do you live in Oak Bay?


Are you in favour of some form of amalgamation in the Capital Region?

As a general rule, no, as I have not seen any studies showing that amalgamation actually saves money.  Some services could and should be amalgamated and/or jointly controlled. I invite readers to Google “Bish Amalgamation” for his many papers on the subject.



What is your vision for sewage treatment in Oak Bay?

Oak Bay should be part of a larger system that builds on existing infrastructure.  If it could be shown that going it alone, a viable site is available, provincial and federal funds are available and that option is cheaper for residents then I would consider a smaller local treatment plants as an option.



Do you think speed limits should be lowered in high crash areas?

If police and ICBC investigations show that speed in high crash areas is the main factor then I would absolutely support reduced speed limits.




Should mobility scooters be regulated?

I think some type of regulation is required.  Is a mobility scooter a bicycle, a walking aid, a vehicle or something completely different?  Depending on what the regulations state then scooters need to be catorgized and regulated as such.


Is a deer cull necessary?

Yes.  The present situation of continual human deer interactions is not viable in the long term. Failure to act will clearly result in increased deer population as they have no natural predators.  The recent attack on a dog only highlights the need for some type of action. What if it had been a child?




Should secondary suites be legalized?

Secondary suites should be an option for specific types of properties. It is not a blanket “secondary suites everywhere” as this would create the types of situations we see in other communities.  Where lot size, adequate parking, building regulations, etc support seconday suites they could be an option.



Does Oak Bay need stronger noise bylaws?

I have not heard of or received complaints about noise from residents in my neighbourhood.  If elected I would certainly act on any complaints that council received.




Should Oak Bay allow more freedom for dogs?

In general dog owners are quite respectful of other people’s property.  I don’t believe that more relaxed rules are required.  Keeping dogs on leashes and picking up is not onerous and is expected in most municipalites.




Do you agree with the basic principles in the new OCP?

I support the general principles as laid out in the OCP.  It’s a guideline for moving forward.  Implementation will be the job of the new Council.  It’s imperative that Council listen to the concerns of residents as implementation will not be one size fits all.  Neighbourhood values must be respected.




Should council encourage more filming opportunities in Oak Bay?

Yes, as it promotes Oak Bay and provides both local and regional employment.  My only concern is the potential for causing excessive disruption to residents,  A mitigation strategy is essential.