Earthquake readiness and Queenswood rezoning hot topics in Caddy Bay

At the Cadboro Bay Residents Association’s AGM last month, attendees were given the opportunity to have their concerns heard, in a formal way, about the future of the Queenswood property.

Residents filled out written surveys asking them for their honest thoughts about the University of Victoria’s plans to rezone the land.

“The residents association wants to accurately reflect our residents’ concerns, so we wanted to make sure that we could do that appropriately and accurately,” said newly elected CBRA president Elizabeth Borek.

The feedback will be formalized in a written response, which can be found online at It will also be sent to the municipality.

Also at the meeting, seismologist Alison Bird spoke about the impact an earthquake would have on Cadboro Bay.

Borek said the need for a presentation was great, after the recent large earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand pressed home the issue of preparedness.

“We heard a lot about ‘the big one’ after these horrible earthquakes. We wanted to inform our residents on: what’s fact? What information do we need to have? How can people protect themselves if the worst really does happen?” she said.

Cadboro Bay’s geography and topography means certain parts of the neighbourhood would be impacted differently in the event of a quake – depending on what kind hits the West Coast.