Councillor proposes code of conduct for council

Councillor proposes code of conduct for council

Current council deemed well behaved, but code

Coun. Michelle Kirby plans to keep council and future councils respectful with a resolution.

She posted a notice of motion, expected to come to the May 8 meeting, on a code of conduct.

“Oak Bay Council is committed to providing leadership and a workplace founded on the principles of respect, integrity, accountability, openness and responsibility; and a Council Code of Conduct may act as reminder to this and future Councils of their commitment to fulfilling their roles to the highest possible ethical standards,” she read.

If approved, staff would prepare a code of conduct for consideration. Kirby was prompted by conversation at the Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities of pervasive disrespectful behaviour occurring at council tables across B.C.

“We heard from the UBCM executive with their responsible conduct report at AVICC that this is not just a problem for Nanaimo and Lantzville, but toxic behaviour exists in many other communities, and it’s turning good people away from running or staying in local government politics,” Kirby said. That Friday, Nanaimo Coun. Wendy Pratt resigned “amid accusations being flung in all directions, and a shocking description of the abuse suffered by members of that council.”

Her personal motivation is watching a friend and colleague in Lantzville resign in protest over a situation at her council table.

“I see this as a precautionary step to take to protect this council, and future Oak Bay councils, from a decline in respectful, responsible conduct,” Kirby said.

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