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Conservative Party of Canada leader holds rally in Black Creek

Over 1,500 supporters gathered to hear Pierre Poilievre

Black Creek was filled with cheers of “common sense,” “axe Trudeau’s tax,” “bring it home,” and “protect hunters” on the night of Sept. 12 as a crowd chanted the short slogans at a rally of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre.

A little after 6 p.m. a boisterous crowd estimated at more than 1,500 supporters stood up at Coastal Black Estate Winery to welcome the Canadian politician who was on the Island for the day.

As Poilievre took the stage, he launched his rally by cracking a joke.

“Back on solid ground,” said Poilievre. “I had an incredible day. I flew in on WestJet and the plane worked!”

As the crowd laughed, Poilievre proceeded to throw a jab at Trudeau — which became a recurring theme throughout the night — for being stranded in India.

“How are we going to get rid of Trudeau? It turned out that the job was almost done by keeping him over in India,” said Poilievre. “But it turns out they didn’t want him there either. So we’re stuck with him a little bit longer.”

The Canadian politician went on to claim that the NDP, over the last year, “sold out British Columbia” and “betrayed British Columbia taxpayers” after forming a coalition with the Trudeau government.

Soft-spoken and supported by his crowd, Poilievre delivered somewhat of a convoluted narrative, jumping from one topic to the next, adopting humour and political attacks toward his political opponents.

Inflation, increase in the cost of living, censorship, carbon tax, “corrupt pharmaceutical companies,” gun laws, and the rise of violent crime sweeping the nation were all topics brought up by the Canadian politician.

Halfway through the rally, a protester erupted and halted Poilievre’s monologue.

The heckler shouted various attacks at the opposition leader, and the crowd rapidly gathered around him in the hope of shutting him down.

Poilievre intervened and tried to converse with the agitator, but the latter continued with his verbal attacks before eventually being escorted out of the venue.

Appearing undisturbed by the interruption, the Conservative leader resumed from where he had paused and, shortly afterward, delivered the evening’s climactic statement.

“I’ll continue to demand that the provinces end these ridiculous vaccine mandates,” said Poilievre. “We’re bringing home our freedom again in this.”

The politician barely finished his sentence and the crowd erupted and cheered, applauding the leader and energetically stomping the ground.

Following this ovation, Poilievre highlighted the importance of freedom in this country as being “Canada’s nationality.”

After giving an hour-long address, the event ended without a period of questions and supporters were invited to take a picture with the Conservative leader.

As Poilievre starts to connect with his electoral base, two years ahead of the upcoming election, the politician is planning to hold additional rallies across the province during his tour of Western Canada.

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