Challengers tackle teacup race

Mayor Nils Jensen squares off with challengers during teacup race at Oak Bay Tea Party

Duane Adsett

Duane Adsett

Now in his fourth year of racing a teacup, Mayor Nils Jensen has two goals, stay upright and finish near the top of the fleet.

“The first year my cup turneth over,” Jensen said with a chuckle. “I can attest to the fact the waters off our beach are very, very cold.”

Since he felt the frigid waters off Willows Beach in the annual race during the Oak Bay Tea Party, he has managed to stay upright. Finishing “near the top” shouldn’t be too daunting, there are never more than three challengers in the race.

Competing this year is Oak Bay firefighter Duane Adsett in a bid to support community and promote the Oak Bay Fire Fighter’s Charitable Foundation.

“It’s a tradition, and fun,” Adsett said.

He’ll also get bonus marks from daughter Elyse Adsett.

“My daughter is very excited I”m going to race the mayor,” he said with a smile.

The mayor says people love the “zaniness” of the teacup race, which he attributes in part to the equipment offered racers. “What people don’t know is they give you two oars, one long and one short,” he said. “It’s very difficult to go straight.”

The annual teacup race runs Sunday, June 7 at 3 p.m. from Willows Beach.