CANDIDATE: Kevin Murdoch

Candidate for Oak Bay council in the election of Nov. 19, 2011

Kevin Murdoch

Kevin Murdoch

Kevin Murdoch

Age: 42

Occupation: Business executive, IT industry

Family status: Married

Political experience: Numerous business, society, and strata councils and boards over the years

Lived in the community: Off and on for 42 years; lived here seven years since returning from Vancouver to raise our family

What is your single biggest issue this election?

Items related to the Official Community Plan: suites, density, long-term planning, financials, etc. Deer have surprised me by being a huge issue as well.

How do you hope to solve it?

After several hundred conversations, I am convinced we can create a plan for Oak Bay that can be endorsed by the VAST majority of our residents.  People in our community are all very supportive of reasonable, practical, and financially responsible solutions to our issues, and to long-term planning

What has council done well this term?

Mayor Christopher Causton (and much of council) has, over the last 10-15 years, engaged stakeholders related to Oak Bay: not just residents, but also the broader regional communities.  Oak Bay has become a more community-minded and vibrant place, as well as a more engaged participant in regional discussions through their work. That should be continued.

What would you do on council to improve it?

Address issues more head-on, strive for more clarity and simplicity in our bylaws and rules, work toward reducing our long-term operational costs, keep engaging residents, staff and businesses to ensure a culture of open dialogue.