CANDIDATE: Gregory Hartnell

Candidate for Oak Bay council in the election of Nov. 19, 2011

Gregory Hartnell

Gregory Hartnell

Gregory Hartnell

Age: 59

Occupation: Pro-life artist-historian

Family status: Married to Dawn Elizabeth Keough

Political experience: President of Central middle school student council; senator at University of San Francisco student senate

Lived in the community: Former resident of Beach Drive, Hampshire Road, Yale Street, Milton Street. I am running to warn Oak Bay voters not to emulate Victoria’s mistakes.

What is your single biggest issue this election?

Unnecessary counterproductive residential and commercial property taxes, undemocratic sewage and transit levies.

How do you hope to solve it?

I will never vote for a tax increase in the three-year term, nor vote to increase hiring, spending or borrowing.

What has council done well this term?

Taxes in Oak Bay are lower than in Victoria, but not low enough to really stimulate the local economy.

What would you do on council to improve it?

I will never give myself a raise, always vote to lower residential and commercial property taxes, not approve raises for managers or unionized staff, not hire new staff or managers, not approve new borrowing or spending whatsoever.